Slytherin Lolita Cosplay


So this post was supposed to be my trip to Asheville Anime Regional Convention, however, we didn’t make it there. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw a post on Facebook from Jad Saxton (voiced Yuki from Wolf Children and Sena from Haganai) saying she was going to be there. Of course I immediately told my husband and I just HAD to go… because duh… Jad was going to be there and it’s Asheville. I mean… DUH!

My plan was to take Lyra and have her dress as Yuki like she did for Hoshicon and I would dress in my revised Slytherin student cosplay. Well I’m super indecisive. I woke up on Saturday not wanting to go because I drove ALL DAY the day before and I just didn’t feel like going for a 1.5 hour drive to Asheville.

BUT Jad responded to my tweet about how I only found out about the con thanks to her, so then I ran to my husband and we were like, “No, now we HAVE to go!” But I’m a girl and I take forever to get ready and I was having a severe hangry moment which made me take longer to get ready. I finally was ready, we packed up everything in the van and started to drive. We still hadn’t eaten so we stopped for food and then we needed gas and then we looked at the time and we were definitely not making it for the autograph session with Jad.

So in the end, we didn’t go. I know we could have still went and met up with Jad in a panel or something, but I’m an introvert and it was just like… all the driving from the day before, rushing around, being hangry, crying about being hangry, more rushing… I was just overwhelmed. hahah! Hopefully there will be a next time. :)

Anyway… since I was already dressed up, my husband wanted to take pictures. So here they are. ♥





That’s really my engagement and wedding ring, by the way!



Hoshicon 2014


I’ll be honest… I wasn’t a huge fan of Hoshicon. It was my first time attending and Lyra’s first convention ever. It’s still a fairly new con, so maybe that’s why I have these feelings. There just wasn’t very much to do there except people watch. There weren’t many GOOD cosplays either, so I didn’t take any pictures. The one above was actually my test picture for the lighting and stuff. I think it’s hilarious.


I cosplayed as Hana from Wolf Children, which was extremely simple to do! I wore a white, flowy dress. This picture I’m wearing the wolf ears, but Hana isn’t a wolf… just saying.


Lyra was Yuki, which is Hana’s daughter and first child… like Lyra is to me. ;)



There was a guy making balloon hats and props. He saw Lyra and told her that he would make her something for free if she was his first customer. She looks terrified in the first picture! LOL! The guy was reallyyyy good though!


Anyway… we sat around and looked at everyone and I pointed out cosplays that Lyra would recognize like Rapunzel and Ariel. Nobody really stood out except for a Brian Griffin from Family Guy, but I had an attitude at that point so I skipped pictures. :x

Tomorrow I’ll be posting another cosplay! :D Stay tuned!

Everyday Cosplay: Anna


Heyyyy! Today I’m going to share an everyday cosplay outfit – my version of Anna from Disney’s Frozen! I tried my best to put my hair in braids and then just one braid and it’s just still too short for all that! So I naturally left it down. Boo!




I have a bright pink hat to go with this outfit, but it was too hot outside. I didn’t want to wear it and ruin my hair, haha! But I’ll be wearing the hat in the fall/winter time when I cosplay. :)



Y’all know I love them dang boots more than anything else! And mainly because I don’t have any other boots… :p

Outfit: Shirt: Target // Vest: American Eagle (old) // Skirt: Amazon // Hat: Amazon // Boots: DSW

Makeup: Foundation: Almay Smart Shade CC Cream in ‘Light’ // Under Eyes: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser // Bronzer: Tarte Park Ave Princess // Blush: NYX Stick Blush in ‘Pink Poppy’ // Eye Shadow: NYX Adorable Palette (pink & white), NYX Hot Singles in ‘Herlequin’ // Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner in ‘Black Lacquer’ // Mascara: L’Oréal Miss Manga // Eyebrows: NYX Adorable Palette (darkest shade)

Designed: Christa Lei Says…


I had the pleasure of creating a brand new blog design for Christa from Christa Lei Says… last week! I love it to pieces! Actually, I love it so much that I kind of inherited some of the coding into my theme. >_<

Anyway, GO CHECK OUT CHRISTA’S BLOG! I’ve only just started reading her blog last week and now I’m visiting her blog every time I get online. ♥ Her posts so far have reminded me to stay positive in life, which I have a hard time doing sometimes. It’s like therapy… I love it!

Also… Although my design site, Olive Kite, is undergoing a major revamp, I am still accepting new design requests for July & August 2014! Just so you all know, I only work with WordPress themes. ;)

Throwback to Blogging


Yeah, I know that I love to boast about how I was blogging before it was cool. Whatevs. But I’m pretty proud about it. I don’t know why because there are other people who have been blogging along with me for just as long (KYA!). Anyway, I wanted this throwback Thursday to be dedicated to my old blogging layouts. This will give you all a different perspective on how blogging USED to be. ;P

Note: These range from 2002 until 2009-ish? Maybe. Waddup.